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White Sox’s ‘No Ketchup in Chicago’ Is T-Shirt Swag Done Right

In Chicago, there is, apparently, an 11th Commandment: Thou Shall Not Put Ketchup on Thy Hot Dog.

The Chicago White Sox are tapping into that creed kept close to the hearts of so many in the Windy City with a new branded T-shirt.

Source: Ashok Selvam Eater Chicago

As you can see, the Under Armour brand shirt makes plain that ketchup has no place on the tube meat that Chicagoans so love – and it does so with the “Chicago” written in unmistakable White Sox script.

To us, this is an example of logoed apparel done right. It’s something fun and engaging that immediately connects the team to its fans in an entertaining way. That creates goodwill and can generate positive buzz that gets wider audiences to engage with the White Sox brand, which is what we’re doing right here.

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While the $39.99 price tag is a bit of an eye-popper, at least some fans are already digging the tee, which is selling at Chicago Sport Depot, a store adjacent to the White Sox’s Guaranteed Rate Field.

While we chuckled at this T-shirt, we couldn’t help but wonder what Heinz thinks of it. As Eater Chicago notes, the ketchup maker has ads hung up on the main concourse of Guaranteed Rate Field….Awkward. Still, it’s not as awkward as Fanatics’ recent T-shirt gaffe in which it printed a logo of the NBA team Washington Wizards against a backdrop of Washington state. Spoiler: The Wizards play in Washington, D.C. Ouch.