The Most Creative People In Promo

Presenting our inaugural list of the industry’s most inventive and resourceful talents.

If you wanted to get a group of industry creatives together in a room – people who are experts in design, self-promos, marketing, campaigns and multimedia – who would you choose? Surely, you’d want a blend of experience and fresh ideas, a team of not just original thinkers, but driven doers. You’d also likely want a mix of suppliers, distributors and decorators who’ve dealt with every kind of customer and every kind of market. So again, who would be part of this creative dream team?

We at Counselor asked ourselves this question, and this list is our answer. We offer up a group of 11 people who each provide a unique skillset that makes them the creative kings and queens of promo.

Amy Baker

Company: Threadbare Print House
Learn more about Amy here!

Jamie Stone

Company: Gifts by Design (asi/205947)
Learn more about Jamie here!


Jason Lucash & Mike Szymczak

Company: Origaudio (asi/75254)
Learn more about Jason and Mike here!

Lauren Cocco

Company: Vantage Apparel (asi/93390)
Learn more about Lauren here!

Rhea Aslin

Company: SanMar (asi/84863)
Learn more about Rhea here!

Nicole McNamee

Company: Boundless (asi/143717)
Learn more about Nicole here!

Pete Thuss

Company: Talbot Marketing (asi/341500)
Learn more about Pete here!

Rick Roth

Company: Mirror Image
Learn more about Rick here!

Rene Adda

Company: Lexon
Learn more about Rene here!

Jeff Anderton

Company: SnugZ (asi/88060) + VideoFarm
Learn more about Jeff here!