The Future of Virtual Reality Marketing

Check out how VR is currently used for marketing, and how in the future it will further disrupt the marketing and selling process.


  • Students can view 360-degree 3-D videos of the college campuses they’re interested in.
  • Potential automotive buyers can take a VR tour of the car they’re interested in buying, both inside and out.
  • Prospective employees can check out immersive tours of workspaces with job openings before they apply.
  • Potential home buyers can view houses on the markets in immersive VR.

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  • Students will enjoy full-immersion tours of entire college campuses and the towns surrounding them, and then can apply instantaneously.
  • Drivers will drive a car they’re considering buying with fully immersive VR, complete with AR overlays on the features. The car can be purchased immediately and arrive in the customer’s driveway within a matter of days.
  • Retail store visitors can use VR for added product information and see an item’s potential uses.
  • Sales professionals will be able to talk to a prospect with realistic virtual conversations thanks to improved graphics and eye contact through eye movement tracking.