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Creative Secrets From The Advantages Product Video Winner

SnugZ USA (asi/88060) claimed the first Advantages Product Video Contest with “Germ Warfare," a video that touts the benefits of the company’s hand sanitizer products in killing off “bad nasties” – the germs that exist in our everyday life. Catchy and well shot, the video is not an exception for the West Jordan, UT-based supplier; SnugZ has produced dozens of creative videos, shot in-house on little budget. The SnugZ marketing team shares the secrets (and some fun making-of photos) behind the winning video.

Q: How did SnugZ come up with the idea for the video?

SnugZ: Video is an essential component of our marketing strategy here at SnugZ USA. In the case of “Germ Warfare,” [SnugZ Senior Content Strategist] Jeff Anderton’s daughter was part of the inspiration when she came home sick from school. From there the creative process took over, and we began piecing together what would become a funny and educational video about sanitizer.

Q: Your company has produced a lot of creative videos – what’s the idea generation process?

SnugZ: As a marketing team, we hold ourselves to a very high personal standard. We set our creative bar at whatever is currently moving the social zeitgeist meter in the video realm. We are constantly noting the work that moves us, makes us laugh and gets us thinking. We find that over the years we have built such a library of ideas that it becomes a relatively straightforward process to collaborate, brainstorm, and finally concept several ideas based on our objectives. (You can do this while watching a movie in the middle of the day. … Did I say that out loud?)

Our brainstorm sessions typically begin with identifying the root of the problem or need that can be fulfilled with a SnugZ promotional product. Consumers buy through emotion, so we ask ourselves, “How do we create that connection?” At that point we’re then able to develop a creative way to tell that story through video, ads, social media, sales sheets and more.  

Keep in mind there is always a dual purpose behind the campaign: convey a message that resonates with our distributor customer while also providing them with a marketing tool to help them do their job of selling to the end-user. Therein lies the challenge. Most commercials and branded content do not require this next-level creative step.


"Bad Nasties" Interview

Q: Was the video produced in-house? Are the people in the video employees or actors? 

SnugZ: The “Germ Warfare” video was 100% shot and produced right here at SnugZ USA with our own actors who double as employees. I played Bad, Chris Duncan (our senior graphic designer) played Nasty, and Mickey Peterson (who works in sales support) was our sanitizer model (and on-set makeup artist). We had fun playing up the big personalities of the “Bad Nasties.” And you’ll be surprised at the talent you can discover right within your own company!

Q: There are lots of fun creative elements, especially the Bad Nasties. How did you create them and where did you get the costumes?

SnugZ: First off, you can’t find these costumes at the store. Trust us, we looked for them. Our idea of the “Bad Nasties” started out as an animation, but as it evolved we thought having real characters would contribute a life-like element to the story.

Once we had determined to shoot everything practically, the first question was: “Uhhh … how are we going to make germs out of people?” After several failed attempts (which we should have gotten on film for future generations), Jeff was at Home Depot one night looking at sprinkler supplies for his yard, when it hit him: “We’ll use sprinkler piping.”  Twenty bucks of extruded plastic later, we were in business, and our videographer Wendy Gregory used other materials to handmake the rest.

Time after time we’ve found that you don’t need a million-dollar budget to create high-quality video. It requires a vision, passion, and creative elbow grease up the wazoo. Anyone telling you they need a six-figure budget hasn’t put themselves into their creative box. Once you set limits, it gives your team the freedom to dream up solutions you never would have thought of in a million years!

Q: Why are videos important for your company?

SnugZ: Video is the most consumed media there is. Period. By the end of 2018, 80% of all internet traffic will be video. Ninety percent of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process, and 46% take some sort of action after viewing a video ad. Stories are becoming more important than ever and it’s evident with Snapchat, Instagram Stories and now Facebook Stories. That’s why it is important to us, because that’s how the world wants to consume and share content.