Fashion Faceoff: Victoria Jenkins' Vantage Concept

For the Wearables Fashion Faceoff contest, we asked six juniors at Moore College of Art & Design to come up with embroidery or screen-printing concepts to embellish a garment offered by Vantage Apparel. The designs are meant to complement athleisure outfits the students have been creating throughout the school year. As part of the contest’s educational aim, we encouraged representatives of Vantage to provide feedback on the students’ concepts and make suggestions on how best to translate them to their chosen medium.

Victoria Jenkins opted to repeat a version of the digital print that appears on her male and female athleisure looks in her concept for Vantage. She hand-painted streaks of blue, yellow and gray, which she then converted into a digital image. Jenkins chose a dark gray micro-fleece pullover (3273) from Vantage and experimented with several placement options to screen print her digital image.

Diana Mumm, creative director of Vantage, reviewed Jenkins’ concept and determined that the decorator’s only option for screen printing would be to print the image onto gray heather cotton rib then attach the printed fabric as a panel on the upper chest and onto the biceps. Attachments to the bottom of the garment wouldn’t work, because of the garment’s pocket, she adds. Vantage switched her blank garment for the project to a lightweight gray heather hoodie (3293), as the best option for the project.

Check out the below slideshow to see the evolution of Jenkins’ concept for Vantage.