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Case Study: Notebook Facilitates Nurse-Patient Communication

One of the most important factors in a positive healthcare experience is the clear exchange of detailed information between caretakers and their charges. So it was that when a home health agency wanted a branded giveaway to promote its services, they also recognized the value in an item that doubled as a communication tool.

The company picked the Composition Notebook (LN14; shown here) from Drum-Line (asi/50873) with striking full-color imagery on the cover, and gives one to each new patient to keep in his or her residence.

The primary objective for the ongoing campaign is to provide a branded product that promotes the healthcare company while also helping caretakers and patients convey to each other any questions or concerns that arise, as well as vital signs and medication dosages, during the course of treatment. “They chose this particular item for the attention-grabbing, full-color artwork, and the availability of an imprinted logo on every sheet,” says Drum-Line CEO Amberlea Barnes.

Each year, the agency purchases 1,000 notebooks from its distributor, whose approximate revenue is $5,000.

While notebooks are frequently used for promotions at schools and universities, there are occasions to use them in virtually every market, says Barnes. “Look for opportunities to sell notebooks for seminars, conferences and anywhere information needs to be recorded and kept for future reference,” she says. “Branded notebooks become more and more valuable to recipients as they continue to use them.”