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How to Be More Efficient at Home

Looking to pump up productivity while working from home? Mental health experts say the #1 way to boost efficiencyis to simply think positive. Indeed, thinking happy thoughts (i.e. “The next cold call I make will turn into an appointment”) will keep you motivated throughout the day.

The nonprofit organization Mental Health America lists three basic ways to stay positive: Foster optimism, practice gratitude and avoid negative thinking. Their research indicates the benefits of positive thinking include better health and a longer lifespan. Grab some inspiration and motivation by checking out how industry folks are developing a positive attitude.

“I try and find some good in everything. If I make an effort to be deeply and genuinely involved with family, employees, community and friends, my cup is more than half full. Great music also puts a spring in my step, so I have it playing almost always.”

Danny Rosin, president, BrandFuel Inc. (asi/145025)

“I am basically a positive person and so lucky to be doing something that I love every day. I am so blessed to have a team of people who are just terrific and enjoy working together. I remain positive because I am challenged daily and energized by associates and clients. Such a wonderful life.”

Janelle Nevins, senior vice president, Summit Group (asi/339116)

“Staying positive is a state of mind. To put myself in the most positive state of mind, I focus on balance in four key areas: the relationship with my wife, relationship with my family, relationship with God and the relationship I have with myself. I find myself to be at my best when I have all of these areas balanced.”

Jason Black, CEO, Boundless Network Inc. (asi/143717)

“When it comes to the workplace, I stay positive by focusing on the areas that I can control and utilizing past failures as learning tools. I think it’s important to set attainable goals and celebrate once you reach them. On a more personal level, I believe positivity goes hand-in-hand with maintaining balance in your life.”

Laura Overstreet, sales support manager, Aspenline (asi/37159)

“Every day I put myself in my customers’ shoes and appreciate every new and productive promotional day!”

Jennifer Kelley, sales rep, All-In-One (asi/34256)