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Home Office Design: Show Off Your Artsy Side

Enhancing your home office with art creates an inspiring and pleasing place to spend your workdays.

Sitting in a waiting room for a long period can be annoying. However, savvy decorators know that painting the room in appropriate colors, playing Classical music softly in the background and displaying tasteful artwork on the walls enhances the experience and, in fact, may calm folks who may be nervous waiting to see a doctor. This same idea can be carried over into your home workspace.

“Surveys show that 78% of employees agree art in the workplace reduces their stress level at the office,” says Diane Bennett, artist and owner of Budding Art, a company she co-founded with fellow businesswoman and art and design consultant, Joy Naylor.

In addition, the Business Committee for the Arts recently surveyed 800 employees at 32 companies and found that 63% of the respondents say art at work increases their productivity and creativity.

Bennett and Naylor, both art curators, joined forces in 2008 and decided to turn their passion for art into a new business venture – to help companies see that art in the office is a key factor in employee/client satisfaction and retention. “In all of our client relationships, from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, we show how necessary it is for them to be more conscious of the ways they are influencing others, positively or negatively, by their work atmosphere,” says Naylor, an NCIDQ certified designer and a professionally certified Feng Shui practitioner. “When you bring energy and education to the workplace through art, your employees – and clients – gain a whole new appreciation for your quality of environment, which, in turn, makes them much more comfortable and confident doing business with you.”

The Ann Arbor, MI women were successful at implementing an idea that involved rotating the work of local artists throughout various venues in their community. “This helps businesses get quality art displays at a reasonable price, and it facilitates the artists’ work, getting them exposure to a wider audience,” says Naylor.

Why not add some inspiring artwork to your home office, entry way and other areas where you, your employees and clients spend time? Be mindful of lighting and location. Consider hiring consultants like Bennett and Naylor who are experts in subjects like space planning, choosing and maneuvering workplace furniture and procuring art. You might just see some positive results.