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Sell The Newest Wave of Apparel


Show your prospects and clients apparel that takes them beyond what’s now to what’s even better. Athleisure has raised expectations across all categories; from polos to pullovers, buyers want lifewear: garments that recipients will practically live in because of their quality, comfort and style. This means bringing together the best of today’s trends with the finest materials, design and craftsmanship. The experts at Vantage Apparel share five trends that will satisfy your most fashion-minded clients.


1. Enter “Athluxury.”
Think of it as upscale activewear for life’s finer moments. Look for garments that elevate design in performance apparel with particular attention to comfort and fit. Choose finer fabrics, sleeker silhouettes and modern prints. Athluxury should incorporate multiple performance features such as moisture management, UV protection and antimicrobial properties. These garments are for clients who want to make an executive-level impression for a top-level brand.

2. An Active Lifestyle.
When it comes to polos, focus on garments that inspire active living. Comfort and fit continue to be a key trend, but just as important is the power of the brand. For example, the Greg Norman Collection’s new “Attack Life” line of Performance Infused Lifewear brings together fine design, an engaged lifestyle and socially conscious apparel.

3. Fresh, Bright Color.
Taking a cue from nature’s palette, current fashion is fresh with bright, bold colors. From citrus shades of yellow, lime and orange to sky blues, field greens and sunset magentas, these colors are fully saturated and make a statement. Show your clients how a contrasting logo can really pop for a message that can’t be missed.

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