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The Best Way to Vet a Supplier

Eliminate your biggest competition forever, and build tons of loyal clients with ease and confidence by asking suppliers these seven simple questions – before you entrust them with your client’s order.

1. What products and decoration options do you have to wow my client?
This is important because you need to make a great impression with any new client – you need to wow them with unique products and imprints to show off their branding. Whether it’s water bottles, flash drives or pens, you must capture that client’s attention.

2. Do you have run charges, setup fees or any surprise costs?
Asking this question up front will save you a lot of time. If your supplier has nickel-and-dime fees, you’ll pass those upcharges to your client. It’s hard to retain customers, or even sell a client exactly what they want when you add fees to every part of their dream promo project. This becomes distracting, so it’s better to avoid this scenario if you can.

3. Can you customize colors at no charge?
Most suppliers will let you customize colors, but at a cost. When your client wants a standout marketing campaign using unique promotional products, they want to feel it was built just for them. They might settle for a standard color, but remember they can find most standard colors on Google or Pantone’s website. Here’s your message: Your client can only get complete customization from you.

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