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Revamp Your Company’s Image Today

Here are three ways you can stand out from your competitors—and find the right suppliers to help.

We all know the promotional products industry has changed over the last decade. And, change has been exponential within the last few years, with Google being so available on customers’ mobile devices and the expansion of online sellers like Amazon.

From suppliers to distributors, active maintenance of our industry’s supply chain requires companies that do their jobs – and recognize how expansive those jobs are. Another part is finding ways (and partners) to efficiently manage the complex and connected responsibilities.

Navigate intranet and online technologies to your advance from knowledge management to product sales. It’s a requirement of doing business these days. Remember, you aren’t alone. You can partner with experts outside your company to ensure your success. A company like US Flash & Technologies is a perfect fit because the staff has a vested interested in your success.

Here are three ways you can revamp your company’s image today.

1. The customer experience is key
Learning how to connect with clients online and on the phone is a must. Building frequently asked questions (FAQs) and process scripts for staff are proven methods. Suppliers and distributers play a key role in this. They work as a team to make the industry run smoothly behind the scenes with improved service to the customer as the outcome. That’s why connecting to a knowledgeable supplier that knows the industry and has succeeded in the industry is an opportunity.

How many complaints have you heard about people calling a number and being rerouted so many times they gave up? This is where customer service really can influence client satisfaction. Convenience is one of the factors in selling and buying, whether online or in an actual store. Learning all the factors that make your clients happy will keep them loyal to you.

2. Develop your firm’s best practices
Structuring industry-informed best practices will make your business a success. First, focus on your learning. Keep an open mind since clients come with varied expectations and needs. The world is bigger than where you live, so learning includes the global picture. Second, offer quality products. Third, demonstrate quality of service. Fourth, maintain the industry supply chain’s security and viability.

3. Focus on improvement and efficiencies
Changing times leave no room for being shy. New ideas materialize every day in the business world; every entity is concerned with how to do the next “it” thing better. Be creative in your brainstorming sessions. Invite your whole team and include diverse and even competing points of view. Solicit customer feedback on their experience – your clients are a valuable source of information on how to improve your practices.

Add to your competence as often as you can, and take the time to establish what your company’s core competencies are. Competencies are about increasing knowledge and also about sharing and ensuring goals can be met. When you add knowledge through hiring people and securing partnerships, you gain competencies to support your success. Now build, partner, expand and keep your team accountable.

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