Web Exclusive

5 Ways to Upsell Fall/Winter Apparel

Expand your client base and upsell apparel this season.

1. SEPARATE style and color. Compare each garment to the other while pointing out features that distinguish them from one another. Stormtech designs apparel for a variety of price points and has a strong good/better/best story in each product category.

2. RELATE garments to what is at retail. Explain the added value of apparel influenced by the style, colors and performance features seen in stores. Point to design details such as colorblocking, oversized silhouettes, high-contrast zippers or camouflage.

3. DEMONSTRATE how styling and technical features perform. Allow clients to touch, try on or test a garment.

4. CURATE well-defined and coordinated apparel and accessories as a collection for your clients. Present a combination of both retail and corporate color offerings, a range of prices and diverse styles for indoors or outdoors.

5. CREATE confidence. Choose a supplier-partner with a wide range of style categories and a deep, centrally stocked inventory. A reputable brand name creates a positive impression by association. Almost half (49%) of all clients seek brand-name apparel, according to the Wearables 2016 Sales Forecast.


Look to new fabric technologies. Stormtech HD is a heavy-duty, durable, waterproof fabric that caters to industrial applications. This fabric is available in numerous categories, including a thermal parka, system jacket and a bomber jacket.