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The Promo Opportunity Under Your Feet

Promotional floor mats can help your customers boost sales and increase safety.

In the internet age, everything happens quickly and customers never seem to have enough attention to spare.

Stories go viral in minutes, videos receive millions of views within hours, and social media distributes more posts than you can possibly read in a day. So how can you help your clients stand out from the competition? By catching them at a time when they’re temporarily disconnected.

Floor mats are the new branding frontier in a digital world.

Here are some encouraging statistics: According to research conducted by the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute, 64% of shoppers took notice of graphics they saw on the floor. Research also found that retail products promoted with floor mats experienced an average sales increase of 13%.

”When a customer enters a building, an entrance mat is the first and last thing they notice.”

What’s the secret to the floor mat’s success? It’s simple. In a public space, oor mats catch customers’ eyes because they’re not at eye level. They’re not on the same shelf as a bazillion other brands. They’re also not on Facebook or Instagram or traditional broadcasters, where so many companies also are vying for customers’ attention. Floor
mats are right under the public’s feet, which is exactly where the competition isn’t. When Jane Doe looks down while shopping, your client’s logo or brand will stand out.

If safety and cleanliness is a top concern, mats have you covered.

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