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Take Steps To Promote Healthy Feet

Seventy five thousand miles – or three trips around the earth’s circumference at the equator – that’s how many miles the average person has logged by age 50, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). That’s a lot of wear and tear for feet, which do the body’s heaviest lifting when it comes to walking and exercising.

No Sweat Specialties offers customized sock styles for all age groups that not only are super-comfy and foot-friendly – they’re a treat for the feet. They feel good, look good, and are good for you! Here are three ways to show your client how the right custom sock can go toe to toe with other custom wearables in flexing a brand’s marketing muscle.

The APMA also reports that 77% of Americans experience foot pain in their lifetime, which for some can be debilitating enough to affect quality of life and impact the ability to be physically active. From the moment a baby stands on its own two feet, adult foot issues begin.

Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to prevent or lessen foot and ankle problems and injuries, starting with footwear. A Loyola University Medical Center study proposes that most injuries are a result of improper shoes, socks or training. Since socks are feet’s first defensive line, they can be as important as the shoe they sport.

As doctors increasingly emphasize exercise as an essential component to health and wellness, socks are a noninvasive way to relieve or prevent foot stress. Comfort is critical: Socks should fit well, and depending on age and activity level, have specific features that can contribute to healthy and, ultimately, happy feet.

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