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Mat Rental Myth Busters

Get ready to educate clients on the benefits of purchasing mats vs. renting them.

We bust six myths about floor mat rental that you can use to reassure your clients and close the sale.

MYTH: Floor mat rental is more convenient than owning floor mats.

FACT: Floor mat rental includes a service agreement, which can range from weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. Alternatively, businesses that own floor mats generally clean floor mats daily, based on their needs.

MYTH: One type and size of floor mat fits all customer needs.

FACT: One disadvantage of renting a floor mat is that there are a limited number of sizes that aren’t adequate for the job. When clients purchase floor mats, they can be customized not only in size, but in material as well, which boosts their safety factor. Rental companies want to buy large quantities of plain mats without logos so they’re interchangeable from one location to the next. They don’t specialize in custom, branded flooring solutions.

MYTH: Rental mats trap dirt and moisture.

FACT: While rental mats work better when they’re new, they lack the solid construction and smart engineering of high-performance mats you purchase on behalf of your clients. This leads to material breakdown through the course of rental and service, and over time, they flatten out, resulting in tracked-in dirt and water runoff. High-performance mats that are purchased last a lot longer than their rental counterparts.

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