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Increase Productivity And Enhance Your Customer’s Brand

Anti-fatigue mats are a great solution for a variety of applications. These mats are perfect for individuals standing or working in the same place for a continuous period of time. They provide relief while standing and provide great impressions for your customer’s brand. We have a few of our best-selling anti-fatigue products that are great for a multitude of applications. 

The HogHeaven™ Impressions is our most popular anti-fatigue logo mat. This mat has a cushioned surface that alleviates stress to the back and legs. The HogHeaven™ is equipped with a diamond-patterned surface for superior traction. Plus, you’ll increase your customers’ brand awareness. Lasting about 3 to 5 years, it’s the highest quality anti-fatigue mat in the industry.

The Cushion Max™ Impressions is fairly similar to the HogHeaven™ Impressions, because it’s also a logoed anti-fatigue mat, but this mat has a beveled edge for safety, which is paired with its diamond pattern for traction.

Also equipped with photographic-like image quality, it’s a great branding piece where people are standing continuously. The Cushion Max™ Impressions is featured more for medium traffic applications.

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