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3 Successful Point-Of-Purchase Campaigns Using Logo Mats

Point-of-purchase items are used in various locations in retail environments to generate consumer interest while promoting sales of a product or service. A point-of-purchase floor mat serves a dual role: provides impressions for the product, and has the added benefit of the mat’s inherent function.

Promotional items that provide a double function, such as safety in addition to advertising, make an even more positive impression on customers. Logo mats help reduce slip-and-fall accidents in the workplace, which includes point-of-purchase mats on the floor in a retail environment.

Here are a few retail examples of point-of-purchase logo mats.

Shoe store:

Floor mats were placed at displays in shoe stores. As customers entered, walked around and tried on shoes, they saw additional product information on the company’s point-of-purchase mats.

The mats acted as a sales tool in the retail environment.

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