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5 Ways To Goofproof Your Overseas Order

To compete in today’s promotional products marketplace, you need custom solutions at affordable price points that overseas sourcing allows. Here’s how you can goofproof overseas orders with the right global partner and look like a hero to your client.

1. Think about the timeline.
When all goes according to plan, orders take about 90 days from pre-production samples. Ideally, you should build in a cushion, particularly if you’re going to order on or near the Chinese New Year, which occurs in late January through mid-February, based on the Lunar-Solar Chinese calendar. Those ordering from China at that time may experience delays because businesses shut down in observance of the holiday. As the holiday approaches, many customers try to rush orders through, though.

To goofproof your overseas order, start working with your client a minimum of 100 days in advance of the in-hand date. If you have a small order, talk with your global sourcing partner – sometimes, it’s possible to arrange air shipment in much less time.

2. Don’t sweat the samples.
If you ask the right questions during your client’s sign-off, there’s no need to worry. For example, make sure that you and the client:

• Check sizing and fabric on apparel orders. Is the color consistent across dye lots? Is the garment fit to the sample size?

• Decoration. Is the sample embroidered or printed correctly? Does the color match the logo?

• Evaluate quality. For example, is the etch on a knife’s blade crisp? Are garment seams straight? When you work with an experienced global sourcing partner, its team ensures the sample is right before it reaches your hands. Approval is a matter of ceremony. It’s good to know, however, that if an error does occur, it’ll be caught and fixed quickly. That’s what sample approval is all about.

3. Stay safe with compliance and inspection.
Work only with manufacturers that have products independently inspected so you’re sure of the quality and product safety. Manufacturers should be checked for business classifications, credit history and long-time relations. Have they been rated for working with top companies? Tip: When you work with Fits Global Sourcing, you can be sure that it’s working on your behalf with accredited manufacturers that meet these standards.

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