Rally More Political Orders

It’s a busy season for political campaigns, and there is ample opportunity for sales. Win those programs with a bit of creativity that combines tradition with innovation.

Tradition is strong when it comes to political campaigns, but there is room for creativity. Just the right innovative tweak to a product can take a campaign promotion to a whole new level of effectiveness. How so? Here are three opportunities:

One of the most popular promotional items is still the classic 3” button (101600) from American Greenwood. Buttons are commonly used to communicate their “Vote for ______” message and advocate for a specific party or candidate. You can gain more recognition by choosing a button that offers other benefits, such as seeds.

A “green” button was selected by a local campaign office that wanted to enhance its message of growing together as a community. To impact that message with full color marketing, a petal-pushers seeded button (690160) by American Greenwood was utilized at various events. The buttons were worn by supporters, and brought into their homes afterward to be planted, sprouting wild flowers and ideas of growth and prosperity associated with the represented candidate.

Whenever you can give politicians more bang for their buck, you’re on the right track. Most political campaigns are tight on funds, so they’re very careful in how they spend their money. Giving added value to a traditional product sets your suggestion apart from other distributors.

Also, choose an American made product to keep a politician in good graces. Patriotic campaigns need domestically made promotional products whenever possible. American Greenwood has been producing buttons for over 100 years and the trend is the same every campaign season – buttons are popular! American Greenwood buttons are made in the USA.

Another traditional product you can make more effective is the lanyard. Heightened security at events surrounding these campaigns requires proper identification for clearance. Lanyards are the optimal solution and necessity, with thousands of them being sold across the country to events of all sizes and campaigns.

Traditionally a lanyard would be a single color with a one-color imprint. Today you can decorate with multicolor – even photographic– images. Full-color dye-sublimated lanyards by Fields Mfg. allow minimums of 50 pieces and up to 1,000 pieces in a complimentary 24-hour rush service, allowing you to expand the candidate’s message with full-color advertising and still service shortnotice events both big and small.

Sometimes an untraditional method can be enhanced by a more traditional product. Social media is an example. In a time when social media is a key form of communication, more and more promotional products are being tied into social media campaigns as a tool to help drive traffic and increase awareness. This is also being applied to a large segment of political campaigning.

Hand fans by American Greenwood (330000) are an ideal and economical solution as personal micro-billboards and cooling devices at large events both indoors and out. A largely successful campaign effort utilized this solution by involving their media tags (# and @) on a hand fan, creatively shaped to represent their associated political party. They were able to more widely spread the message and gauge its reach through online analytics while communicating their message and incorporating both promotional and social campaigns.

There are many opportunities to use these examples for clients in your own backyard. Large amounts of promotional products are used in a variety of campaigns in both local and national politics. Outside of large presidential and U.S. congressional campaigns, consider finding inroads to local state or city campaigns, including:

  • State Senate
  • State House
  • State Judges
  • Local Judges
  • School Boards
  • Law Enforcement

Along with other legislative amendments

The experts and American Greenwood and Fields Mfg. are ready to help you add an extra bit of innovation to set your promotional solution apart. Visit and to learn more.