Maximize Sales in Top Markets

Think you’ve maxed out sales to your most pro table markets? 

Think again. Ask yourself: How much more could you sell to the promotional product industry’s hottest markets? One approach is to add a new product category that every company uses in one way or another – like labels. The average wholesale label order is valued at $160, and can repeat annually, quarterly or even monthly. Are you supplying those labels?

Each market represents an opportunity for greater sales. You can begin by reviewing your client base and considering the following product checklists for their untapped potential. Let Discount Labels show you how. Its 200,000-square- foot facility is home to more than 70 printing presses and 500 of the most knowledgeable label experts in the industry. Read on to learn insights into each market and their use of labels, along with selling tips for decision-makers.

Work with medical of office managers and administrators. Stress the benefits of custom messaging, as well as controlling costs and maintaining inventory. Explain how proper labeling can streamline document ow and allow for better focus
on patient care.


Many of these clients will be in your base already: hospitals, physician and dental offices, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, labs and veterinarians. According to a 2016 ASI Markets Study, 50% of distributors have between one and five healthcare clients already; 30% have up to 10 clients, and the numbers grow from there. Sixty percent of respondents think sales into this market will increase through 2017 – you can use labels to grow those numbers even more.

Product Checklist:

❏ Appointment reminder cards

❏ Magnets for office contact information and emergency numbers

❏ Folder labels for patient charts and HIPAA requirements

❏ Sticker rewards for kids after visits

❏ Device and equipment labels


As the third top market for promotional product sales, manufacturing and distribution clients make up 9% of industry market share. These include construction, automotive, HVAC manufacturers and distributors, and more. If you aren’t already selling labels to these clients, you’re now positioned to grow this segment.

Product Checklist:

❏ Durable decals (for example, heavy-duty, reflective for low light or warning decals)

❏ Consecutive number/barcode labels for inventory control and asset management

❏ Laser sheets for mailing or shipping labels

❏ Hard hat labels for safety certifications, employee recognition or patriotism

❏ UL-approved labels for building materials and appliances

Consider pitching to purchasing and of ce managers, or business owners. Ask about the conditions in which the labels will be used. Explain that your provider has gone through the rigorous UL certification process, and you can deliver durable UL-certified labels for the harshest conditions.


Restaurants are 7% of the annual sales that make up the hospitality sector of promotional products. Add to that microbreweries, wineries, private labelers and related gift stores. Talk to owners, managers, packagers and promoters.

Product Checklist:

❏ Wine and beer labels

❏ Water bottle labels

❏ Bottleneck hangers

❏ Private brand labels

❏ Window decals

❏ Custom-printed packaging tape

Present upscale choices in printing such as full-color, foil or embossed labels. Would the client like a custom die-cut shape? Recommend a cohesive brand design across materials from labels to bottleneck hangers
to packaging tape.


When it comes to the education market, any program can benefit from a label. The leading purchaser of promotional products, making up 12% of industry sales, uses decals and labels for many purposes across an array of departments — school administrators, athletics, student affairs, booster clubs and parent-teacher associations.

Product Checklist:

❏ AnyShape® custom laser-cut labels and decals, such as depicting a school mascot 

❏ Die-cut promotional labels, such as “I was a good girl/boy today!” 

❏ Parking permits and asset tags 

❏ Bumper stickers for school pride

❏ Spirit sheet labels for athletics

❏ Award labels for student

Look beyond your neighborhood schools and call on your local or county school district. Aside from administrative labels, there are also opportunities for label and decal sales for political campaigns
within the broader
school system.


Banks, accountants and investors are all part of the 8.6% of clients that purchase promotional products to promote their services. Address their need for labels as well.

Product Checklist:

❏ Self-inking date, action and approval stamps

❏ Consecutive numbering, barcodes and variable data levels

❏ Business cards

❏ Printer labels

❏ Magnets

❏ Repositionable labels for counter mats or customer service windows


Labels can be used on debit or ATM cards for directions such as, “Insert the magnetic strip facing up.”

You can choose an experienced partner like Discount Labels to guide you through the technical aspects of labels. Visit discountlabels.com for tools and resources.

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