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How To Increase Your Workwear Sales Today

What if there was a market that 95% of your competitors bet would grow in the year ahead? Distributors made that wager on uniforms in 2016.* Like all wearables, workwear pays off. Here’s how you can join in – and nail more sales.

1. Look to your regular clients.
Top promotional product markets such as education, healthcare, hospitality, food/beverage and manufacturing/distribution are also top markets for uniforms. When you’re selling logoed products such as USB drives and T-shirts, ask about the client’s need for uniforms. If the buyer doesn’t currently have them, why not? Uniforms are proven to increase productivity, improve staff visibility to the customer and heighten brand awareness.

2. Who are the buyers?
If your regular client contact is the marketing director, ask for an introduction to the human resources manager. Larger companies such as a hotel chain might have departments with managers in charge of uniforms for their areas of specialty. For example, the director of housekeeping would be the buyer for cleaning staff uniforms, while the restaurant manager would order kitchen staff apparel. For a small account, you might already be selling to the uniform buyer – it could be a company owner or manager.

3. Choose the right garment.
First, not all uniforms are head-to-toe outfits. Some are a matter of selling a garment to be worn over everyday clothing, such as a vest, chef coat or apron. It depends on your client’s profession, work environment and what, if any, regulatory guidelines apply. Do your homework. Ask about where, when and how the garment is to be worn. Who will be wearing it? What regulations apply? Choose a supplier partner that has experience with industrial regulations and can help you match the right apparel to the task.

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