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Create Unique And Colorful Promotions

With the right decorating know-how and technology, you can give your clients bright, full-color imprints without breaking the budget. Decoration can even add to your profit. The right imprint can take a basic product solution and elevate it to a value-added winner that stands out from the competition.

When it comes to color imprinting, cost can be a concern, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right materials, processes and supplier partner, you can create unique and colorful promotions that are budget-friendly for your client and profitable for you.

Neoprene and foam, for example, are different and offer durability, cushioning, softness, weatherproofing, flexibility, printability and thermoregulation, making them excellent choices for applications that require protective measures and long wear, yet are lightweight and unobtrusive. You can screen print using a four-color process or sublimate them with beautiful results.

When you begin the imprinting process with the material at the manufacturing stage, you gain a creative opportunity. For example, fabric can be imprinted prior to being cut for a full 360-degree, 3-D finished product. Any logo or brand identity can be replicated in as many colors as your client wishes. In addition, if your manufacturer is your decorator, you save time and defer shipping costs, making decoration more affordable.

Remember, a fabulous tagline and awesome graphic won’t be effective if an imprint is not crisply and accurately printed. Here are three tips to ensure success:

1. Provide your supplier or decorator with high-resolution artwork, using only files that are 300 dpi or better.

2. Double-check your color specifications, and give your supplier the correct Pantone reference or proper CMYK information.

3. Ask your supplier for art guidelines regarding file types and font selection. If your supplier rep isn’t able to assist you, ask if they have graphic design department that can help.

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