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Make Every Day Casual Friday

Millennials in tech are driving change in traditional office attire. Blue Generation offers on-trend tips for the perfect branded apparel to offer the largest group in today’s workforce.

Corporate culture is changing. Gone are the days of stuffy offices, rigid work schedules and sophisticated suits. To attract and retain top talent, corporations are implementing more relaxed company cultures. 

One in three American workers are millennials, which makes them the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, according the Pew Research Center. As a result, millennials are bringing change, as they no longer accept the traditional work environment. They want to work in a more relaxed atmosphere, which typically includes benefits like flexible work schedules, remote work options and increased social activity – as well as a casual dress code.

In fact, 50% of senior managers report their employees wear less formal clothing compared to five years ago, according to a survey by staffing firm OfficeTeam.

Big brands like Google, Facebook and Apple are driving the trend toward casual clothing in the office. The common denominator: All these companies operate in the tech space. Technology companies are fighting hard to attract top millennial employees, and it’s not uncommon to see employees working in hoodies, T-shirts, jeans and sneakers. Relaxed attire makes employees feel more comfortable and capable of handling the long hours and high level of expertise needed to stay competitive and cutting edge in the tech industry.

Tech is leading the way for other industries, too. In fact, traditionally conservative Goldman Sachs recently announced employees can wear any clothing they prefer to work. Employees are trusted to dress appropriately for their job responsibilities. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. followed suit. The banking company recently began allowing workers to ditch the suits for business casual attire.

5 Reasons Employees Love Tri-Blend Hoodies

Tri-blend hoodies are made with a blend of cotton, polyester and rayon, which creates a super-soft fabric that can be worn all day. Whether it’s chilly outside, or employees just need a little warmth from the air conditioning inside, employees will want to wear these hoodies in and out of the office.

Because tri-blend hoodies are made with a variety of fabrics, they offer more stretch than traditional cotton fabrics. They’ll fit employees perfectly, with no stiffness or rough hand on their skin.

The blend of cotton, polyester and rayon results in a heathered, vintage look millennials love. Tri-blend hoodies aren’t just a solid color like a cotton hoodie; the fabric combo results in a smooth appearance of slightly different shades of the selected color.

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