Last-Minute Holiday Orders

How do you handle last-minute holiday orders? Put an ornament on them. The experts at BCG share a variety of tips to sell more ornaments – some ready within 24 hours!

  1. Choose New Materials. Most people don’t think of wood when they imagine ornaments, so it really stands out as unique. Plus, wood ornaments are eco-friendly and affordable. Made from Russian Birchwood, they can be stained in beautiful colors. Think of them for holiday mailings, as they are thin and lightweight.
  2. Present A 24-Hour Option. Do research on which vendors offer truly last-minute turnaround for those 12th-hour calls. BCG, for example, can do custom wood ornaments in 24 hours.
  3. Create Customized Graphics. Consider custom graphics even if you have a tight turn time. Using four-color process on decals allows for customization in as little as a week on some types of ornaments. Check out Digistock, 3-D styles and thin, lightweight brass-etched, which are great for holiday mailings. Even BCG’s custom die-struck with print ornaments can be done in under two weeks.
  4. Begin A Collectible Series. Does your client have a reason to launch a collectible series? For example, do they release a new model of something or host an event annually? These are opportunities to commemorate with a yearly ornament. For a more traditional look, go with a die-struck iron or zinc ornament. Intricate detail beautifully depicts images of automobiles, brands or mascots.
  5. Think Double Duty. Recommend a product that can hang on the tree at Christmas and also be useful throughout the year. A bookmark is an excellent example. One made of wood is easily mailed with a holiday card. It can be laser-engraved with holiday wishes and the year.

FOUNDED IN 1981, BCG has become a leader in metal casting, emblematics and manufacturing of promotional products. The ASI-rated five-star manufacturer has sold millions of lapel pins, medals, coins, keychains, ornaments and more over decades of service. This family-owned and -operated business will help you find the best holiday ornament for your clients’ good wishes and celebrations – even those last-minute events. Visit or call (877) 787-4746.