Web Exclusive

5 Ways to Wow Clients with Wood Products

Here are five reasons to pitch wood products to your clients.

1. New. Suggest a wood product instead of one made of a traditional material like plastic. A wood golf bag tag, for example, can be made in any shape and laser-engraved for a distinctive gift. Consider other popular products you already sell that really stand out when they’re made of wood: keychains, magnets, ornaments, coasters, etc. Each of these items can be customized for your clients’ needs. New colors are available to make them even more unique.

2. Targeted. Match the product to your client’s audience. For example, realtors can wear wood nametags and give wood keychains as gifts to new homeowners. A nametag can also be customized for staff at an event, museum or zoo. Keychains and custom wood magnets are popular souvenirs for tourist gift shops.

3. Eco-Friendly. Any client with an environmental message gains extra points for promotional products made of eco-friendly materials. The BCG wood line, for example, is green and recyclable. It uses sustainable wood in many of its products; others are made of birch or bamboo. Either way, clients perceive wood as an earth-friendly choice. Tie the eco-friendly message in with custom wood garden stakes; choose the size based on your client’s purpose. Mega, approximately 10 inches tall, works well for political and directional real estate yard signs. Midi (6.8 inches tall) and Mini (5 inches tall) fit the needs of nurseries, lawn care providers and botanical gardens.

4. Markets. Look through your client list for large and small businesses – almost any client can use wood products for a successful promotion. Nonprofits use them for donor gifts and to raise awareness. Automotive brands, from manufacturers to dealers to a local mechanic, can use wood keychains and car danglers. Hospitality clients such as hotels or resorts can welcome visitors with wood luggage tags, customized wood door hangers or in-room wood coasters. Sports teams and booster clubs can recognize championships. Custom coins can commemorate a company’s milestone and individuals’ years of service.

5. Value. Wood products work great for mailings because they are lightweight and low-cost. They’re ideal for promotions that need something effective with a low budget. Spec samples are free and there’s no minimum order required. In addition, several of BCG’s wood products are available within 24 hours. When your client needs a last-minute gift, BCG can make you a hero.