Marketers Report Mixed Success With Video

Most business-to-business marketers believe video marketing works – just not resoundingly. Such was a key finding in a new survey from Ascend2, which revealed that B2B marketers across the globe are using video to meet their marketing objectives.

Significantly, the poll showed that while 25% of marketers believe video is “very successful” in advancing their objectives, another 60% were more tempered, describing the digital medium as “somewhat successful.” About 12% said video was a “somewhat unsuccessful” marketing format.

A factor in some marketers’ challenges with video could be an absence of keen focus, survey results suggested. About half revealed that failing to have an effective strategy for video marketing was their biggest obstacle. Meanwhile, 40% admitted a dearth of compelling content hampered efforts, while a similar percentage said insufficient budgets and production resources made success hard to come by.

Additionally, the poll showed that B2B marketers use video for a variety of purposes. More than 4 in 10 use it to increase brand awareness, ramp up online engagement, improve customer education and generate more leads. About one in three also aim for their videos to boost conversion rates.