Innovation Line Continues Recovery From Fire

Supplier firm Innovation Line (asi/62660), which suffered a fire at one of its buildings last weekend, is in full recovery mode this week. After setting up a temporary office in a hotel near its offices, the company immediately jumped into action to call customers and create action plans to ramp up its order fulfillment process as quickly as possible.

“It’s a miracle we could get so much accomplished after this in just 48 hours,” David Kagel, COO of Innovation Line, told Counselor earlier in the week. “We’re 100% focused on communicating with customers and keeping the dialog going so we can talk about current and future orders.”

The company said that it is already shipping orders and it expects its phone system to be back to normal by early next week. While the fire, which is suspected to be arson, only impacted about 20% of Innovation Line’s inventory, the supplier is working with its overseas factories to quickly replace the damaged inventory. It now forecasts that it will be at 90% of its inventory levels by the middle of October.

“Fortunately, we were able to salvage a substantial amount of inventory and were able to relocate operations to a temporary location,” the company wrote in a note on its website. “Due to the incredible team of managers and dedicated staff, we have made a tremendous amount of progress in the past couple of days and feel very optimistic about resuming operations to full capacity very shortly.”

Innovation Line said it is currently accepting new orders for in-stock items and it is planning on about 10 days of production time. It expects that rush-order service will be available in about seven days. The company asks distributors to go to its website at for updates and real-time inventory levels.

Here are images from Innovation Line’s recovery this week.