Obituary: Akbar Bandeali, Fairdeal Import & Export

Akbar Bandeali, president of supplier firm FIEL – Fairdeal Import & Export LTD (asi/53509), passed away on September 27. He was 72.

“Akbar left behind a great legacy and went peacefully,” the company wrote in a statement. “He was a vibrant and passionate person who impacted the lives of many people. His unique gift of encouragement extended beyond his work, as he was given the ability to see potential in others and bring out their best.”

Outside of his business, some of Bandeali’s proudest moments were to help the elderly and the less fortunate. He will be remembered for making one of the first major donations to Aga Khan University in the 1980’s. Today, Aga Khan University is a global organization and is recognized among the elite universities in the world.  

“Akbar’s life was one of hard work, perseverance, wisdom and generosity,” his company said. “He lived his life to the fullest. We are truly blessed to have shared a positive, loving and adventurous life with Akbar.”

FIEL – Fairdeal Import & Export Ltd will continue to be operated by Bandeali’s sons and daughters: Arif Bandeali, Asif Bandeali, Munira Kasamali and Mumtaz (Taz) Tharoo.