Kaeser & Blair Honors Top Salespeople

Top 40 distributor Kaeser & Blair (asi/238600) announced that it recently presented 2015 Dick Kaeser Legend Awards to its dealers who have industry sales exceeding $500,000 during the 2014-2015 sales year. “Legend winners receive cash bonuses based upon attained sales rather than increased sales, which provides for substantial additional income for our dealers” said Kurt Kaeser, CEO.

Kaeser said his company approaches monetary honors to its top salespeople in a unique manner. He said that most of the company’s top sellers far exceed the minimum sales for the award and that attaining growth targets is increasingly difficult at or above the million dollar mark, so K&B growth bonuses are paid to dealers until their sales reach the $500,000 total. At that point, an automatic bonus on total sales kicks in. “Kaeser & Blair will issue bonuses and incentives of more than $1.5 million this year. We also recognize excellence in specific sales areas and other accomplishments.”

Kaeser & Blair ranks as the 16th-largest distributor in the industry, after reporting 2014 North American ad specialty sales of $97.3 million, a 4.1% increase over the previous year.