Power Summit Keynote: Can You Read Your Clients' Minds?

The Tuesday keynote session at this week’s ASI Power Summit in California featured a unique concept: The ability to read people’s minds. Kevin Keane, the co-founder of Brainsights, a Toronto neuromarketing technology and research firm, provided the audience a look into how different people react (both consciously and subconsciously) to various marketing messages. “You can’t effectively market and promote to a specific audience if you don’t know what they’re thinking and what they want,” Keane said. “You need to get a read into their minds.”

Keane described how his company, which uses brain measurement technologies to gauge consumer reaction to ads and marketing content, helps clients to target their messages more clearly and even create new products around his findings.

“With this technology, you can see if somebody is overstimulated or understimulated by certain messages; you can see whether something makes them happy or sad,” Keane said. “How people react differently to advertising can give marketers insights into how to target specific audiences. It can help to create better products and communications thanks to really understanding your buyers.”

Counselor caught up with Keane after his session to find out more insights into what marketers can gain from actually reading their clients’ minds. Click here to watch the interview, or click the video below.

ASI Power Summit 2015 - Kevin Keane- Brainsights from ASI Marketing on Vimeo.