Power Summit Highlighted By Inspirational Talks

Billed as Inspiration Hour at the ASI Power Summit on Monday, three speakers each had 20 minutes to move the audience with their inspirational stories. The session was led off by Ron Finley, also known as the Guerilla Gardener, who provided a moving story based around his mission to provide healthy food to inner-city communities. After planting a garden in South Central Los Angeles, Finley clearly saw the power of getting involved in the community. “Everybody can always change their environment for the better,” he said. “Just make a decision to get up and do something.”

The session continued with an inspirational talk from Will Knecht from supplier firm Wendell August (asi/37457), which suffered a devastating fire a few years ago. Knecht detailed how the company quickly recovered and got back on its feet – becoming even better than before. And, he implored the audience not to wait for a devastating act to get motivated. “It took a terrible fire for us, and we’re better for it,” Knecht said. “Don’t wait for your fire. Make the decision today to be as motivated as possible.”

The Inspiration Hour session concluded with a unique and moving talk from Shelene Bryan, founder of charitable organization Bryan, who is also author of the book Love, Skip, Jump, shared her inspiring story of creating Skip1 after a visit to children in Africa. “Once you see how these people live, you can’t do anything but want to give back,” said Bryan, whose charity funds meals and other needs for children worldwide. “It changes your life, and it makes you feel better about yourself when you do give to others.”

Counselor caught up with both Finley and Bryan after their sessions to glean more motivational tips. Click here to watch the interview with Finley. And, click here to watch the interview with Bryan.