Global Graphics Network Plans Hiring Expansion

Global Graphics Network (GGN), a Tampa, FL-based sister company of Top 40 distributor Proforma (asi/300094), announced this week that it plans to add 50 development executives throughout North America over the next two years. The company, founded by Proforma’s Greg Muzzillo and just launched last month, is designed to help commercial printers grow their businesses.

“Thousands of print shop owners throughout North America need a solid path to grow their sales, increase their profits and have more fun again in the printing business,” Muzzillo said. “Our development model is similar to the proven development agent program used by Subway Restaurants to generate their explosive growth.”

GGN and its newly-hired regional development advisors (RDAs) will focus on three key areas of support for its print-company members. The RDAs will help GGN members to position their companies to increase sales, recruit proven sales leaders and acquire area printers. “This is a multi-billion dollar opportunity for us,” said Muzzillo. “As the Subway Development Agents helped explode Subway’s growth, many of them became multi-millionaires. We look forward to a similar explosion of growth and wealth building for our Regional Development Advisors and our Global Graphics Network members.”

GGN said it is already in talks with more than 15 qualified prospects for its Regional Development Advisors program.