Children's Straw Tumblers Recalled

Ignite USA LLC, the maker of Contigo water bottles and mugs, has recalled straw tumblers for children due to risk of ingesting or aspirating small parts. The drinking cups, about 130,000 of which were sold in Meijer and Target stores in the U.S. from May to October, pose a hazard where small parts of a drinking straw can break off into a child’s mouth when chewed on.

The kids’ tumblers feature “Bueno by Contigo” branding on the retail packaging and “Bueno” on the lids of the cups. They come in eight different styles – four solid-colored choices, and four with designs on the cup and plastic molds in the shape of fangs, lips, a mustache or a zipper affixed to the top. Tumblers with the letter “B” engraved on the underside of the lid beneath the model number are not a part of the recall, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

No injuries or incidents have been reported with the cups so far. Ignite USA is offering a $10 gift card from the retailer where the cups were purchased as a refund for the recalled items, which were manufactured in China. The CPSC urges consumers to call Ignite USA’s toll-free number, visit the recalls page at the Contigo website or visit to register for a refund. Ignite USA requests consumers to mail back the straw and lid and keep the cup.