Study: Marketers Adopting People-Based Advertising

A new study shows that advertisers are increasingly moving towards precise, people-based marketing (also known as “addressable media”) that’s catered more to individual consumer needs than cookies-based marketing that fails to track people’s digital habits on mobile devices.

Marketing analysts Signal and Econsultancy surveyed 358 senior North American brand marketers and agency media buyers to understand the impact and future of this addressable media.

The data showed that 83% of media buyers using addressable media reported superior performance across their client base compared to traditional display ads. With 70% of advertisers describing their first-party targeting results as “good” or “excellent,” it’s easy to see why 63% of advertisers reported improved click-through rates and 60% experienced higher conversion rates. The data also showed that three in five advertisers said first-party data drove stronger ROIs for their campaigns.

Marketers are tying their advertising to customers in real time, a strategy that targets digital ads with more precision and relevancy. It’s a growing trend that shows no signs of slowing down, according to the survey.

About 73% of advertisers said the ability to onboard customer data for targeting is either “vital” or “very important.” The data also says that one in four media buyers reported people-based advertising comprises more than half of their digital spend. Furthermore, 92% of media buyers said they and their clients will be accelerating their people-based media buys rapidly. In addition, two of three advertisers are increasing their investment in addressable media.