Supplier Provides Conference Pads for Trump/Kim Summit

Promo industry firm Dacasso (asi/48125) had a part in the historic summit that occurred earlier this week in Singapore between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Working through a distributor, the Gainesville, FL-based supplier provided 30 conference table pads for the meeting between the world leaders. Dacasso embossed the pads with the Singapore Summit logo. Dacasso provided 15 Black Leather P1010 Conference Pads and 15 Chocolate Brown P3410 Leather Conference Pads. Check them out:

“After the event took place, we noticed in pictures that our products were used on both the conference table with Trump, Kim Jong-un and their staff, as well as the table with just Trump and Kim Jong-un,” said Adam Stein, a Dacasso sales representative.

As Stein tells it, a Washington, D.C., area distributor contacted Dacasso last week, requesting a rush order on the pads. After going back and forth to make sure the deadline could be met, Dacasso took the order, not realizing initially that the pads would be for the summit. “We didn't know what they were for until the logo was provided,” said Stein. It was a cool revelation for the company. “We were honored to be able to provide these for such a historic event,” Stein said.

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