Marketers Bullish About Content Marketing

A new survey has revealed that nearly 9-in-10 marketers believe that the effectiveness of their content marketing efforts is increasing. Encouragingly, more than a third (35%) also report that the efficacy is “increasing significantly,” according to Ascend2’s 2016 State of Content Marketing Survey.

Even so, not all content formats are equally effective. Marketers were most likely to list research reports (46% of respondents), blog posts (45%) and video/podcasts (40%) as the content types that garner the greatest results. And just because it’s effective doesn’t mean that it’s a cinch to create; respondents named video/podcasts (64%) and research reports (62%) as the most difficult types of content to generate.

Meanwhile, Ascend2’s survey found that nearly half of marketers (48%) say that developing an effective strategy and having adequate resources are the biggest hurdles to successful content marketing. Budget constraints (47%) and an inability to measure effectiveness (36%) are other top challenges content marketers face, according to the study, which surveyed marketers at small and large companies.

Nonetheless, content marketers who find creative strategies for overcoming challenges stand to benefit considerably, as investment in content marketing is growing. A separate survey from Curata – 2016 Content Marketing Staffing and Tactics Barometer – shows that more than 4-in-10 B2B respondents plan to expand their content marketing staff levels by year’s end. Plus, 50% of organizations say they’ll have an executive responsible for contenting marketing by 2017 – up from 42% this year.