Promo Products Part of Developer’s Unique Pitch for Public Support

The prospective builder of a large commercial complex is using branded merchandise to stimulate local support for the project.

*Developer Kevin Adell plans to give out T-Shirts, hats and replica water towers at a local planning commission meeting in Michigan – a unique approach.

*Adell needs the commission’s approval to move forward with his project.

The would-be developer of a $125 million mixed-use commercial complex in Michigan is taking a novel approach to winning public support for the project by giving out promotional products, including T-Shirts, hats and mini water towers.

Per Hometown Life, Kevin Adell is promising the merchandise to members of the public who attend a July 11th meeting of the local Planning Commission in Novi, MI. Adell needs approval from the commission to proceed with his plan to build a development that, as proposed, would include two hotels, two restaurants, a fitness center, indoor skydiving and a company that sells vehicles online.

This approach, in my experience, is quite unique. In addition to my duties here at ASI, I’ve worked for local newspapers for about 15 years – and continue to. That’s entailed a lot of nights covering hearings on locally large development proposals, just like this upcoming one in Novi. In all that time, I’ve never seen a developer promise folks swag if they come out to support a proposed project. Perhaps more should try the approach.

Adell reportedly got the idea for the merch giveaway from his experience as the owner of a religious broadcasting network and local radio and television stations. “Radio loves to give away T-shirts and hats. People line up when you’re giving free (event) passes,” he told Hometown Life. “Is it an unusual step? Sure. Am I unusual? Yes.”

A rendering of the “The Center of Entertainment in Novi,” as the project is called, adorns the T-Shirt and the cap. The Adell-branded water tower is a nod to an actual tower at the site Adell wants to develop. A now-demolished expo center once stood on the 23-acre property. The water tower bears Adell’s last name, as his father reportedly owned the property previously.

The Novi Planning Commission meets 7 p.m. on July 11th. Head on over for some free swag.