Study: Small Businesses Want Congress to Work on Economy

A majority of small-business owners believe Congress is not currently doing enough to improve the economy. That’s according to the National Write Your Congressman Quarterly Index, a survey recently conducted by nonprofit advocacy organization National Write Your Congressman (NWYC). The survey showed that only two out of 10 (22%) owners think Congress is working to bolster America’s economic situation. More than 95% said they are ready for federal legislators to kick into gear on initiatives that drive economic improvement.

“NWYC members’ message is a clear mandate: they are ready for both the House and the Senate to get to work,” said Randy Ford, president and COO of NWYC, in a statement. “Our members believe small-business owners as a group need to jumpstart action by voicing their pro-growth opinions to Congress.”

Among the top economic reforms that respondents want are: Tax relief and simplification (95%), regulation reduction (90%), federal budget and debt reform (86%), and healthcare reform (79%).

More than half (53%) of owners are optimistic that Congress will take action on their behalf this year. An almost equal number (52%) believe the country should give Congress a chance to promote business growth through economic reform.

At the same time, small-business owners are generally optimistic about the coming months. More than half (55%) of respondents expect a rise in revenues this year, and 50% are planning for inventory expansion, equipment upgrades and other capital investments. More than three in 10 (34%) expect to increase hiring.

NWYC is a nonpartisan membership organization whose mission is to make constituents’ opinions known in Congress. The second-quarter index surveyed 1,414 respondents from within NWYC’s membership, representing 46 states.