New Apple HQ Offers Exclusive Merch

Six years and $5 billion later, Apple’s massive new headquarters in Cupertino, CA, dubbed Apple Park, has officially opened for business. The nearby Visitor Center, the area of the complex open to the public, offers exclusive Apple Park merchandise only available at the new location.

“This will be the only place in the world where you’ll be able to find Apple Park merchandise,” Enrique Atienza, the senior market director who oversees Apple’s U.S.-based stores, told reporters. He added that it’s “been designed in close partnerships with the industrial design team here in Cupertino that basically works on all of our products.” The headwear, for example, doesn’t include the typical metal button on the top, allowing headphones to fit more smoothly.

The Visitor Center also houses a café where visitors can enjoy the same victuals offered to employees in the futuristic building across the street, as well as an AR tour of the distinctive circular structure’s interior, which has a 100,000-square-foot health and wellness facility (complete with two-story yoga room), and the Steve Jobs Theater, which will host future product launches.