Royal Industries Makes Acquisition

Royal Industries (asi/83770) announced Friday that it has acquired DLX Industries’ DLX Line (asi/48000) and The Pamcolite Line (asi/76520) – a division of DLX. Financial terms of the acquisition were not released.

“The acquisition of DLX Industries and The Pamcolite Line is a perfect complement to Royal’s line,” said Ari Ruden, vice president of Brooklyn, NY-based Royal Industries.

Royal’s offerings already include vinyl specialties like card cases, clipboards, portfolios and pocket planners, as well as unique imported items that were added following last year’s acquisition of the Waldor Line. Through the new acquisition, the company can now provide products like menu covers, diploma cases, pens, padboards, tote bags and other union-made items. “The transition should be seamless,” Ruden said.

Mark Stewart, CEO of DLX Industries, described Royal’s acquisition proposal as a “great match up. We were approached about the acquisition and felt it made sense as I know my customers will get unmatched quality and service from Royal.”

Distributors with interest in Pamcolite and DLX Line products should now contact Royal Industries –, 718-369-3046 (voice), 718-369-3067 (fax), or