Trump, Sanders Win South Carolina ASI Promo Poll

Following on the heels of ASI’s Presidential Promo Poll results in New Hampshire last week, the ASI research department brought the same survey to South Carolina, the location of the Republican primary on Saturday February 20. The Democratic Primary will be held in that state a week later, on February 27.

With an eye to the upcoming primaries and how promotional products are used in elections, ASI asked South Carolinians: If you received a bumper sticker from each of the candidates below, which one would you be most willing to put on your car?

Among Democrats, Bernie Sanders won with a commanding 60% of the vote, while Hillary Clinton trailed at 40%. For Republicans, Donald Trump won with 30%, followed distantly by Marco Rubio at 16% and Ben Carson at 14%.

Approximately 800 people participated in the Republican poll, and about 500 in the Democratic survey. The ASI Presidential Promo Poll will continue throughout primary season with results from several other states.

Here are the full results of our poll from the Palmetto State:

Republican Results

Democrat Results