Alphaboder Prime Line Hosts Company Summer Picnics

Creating a fun work environment in any company is vital to keeping a positive and successful workplace, especially when it comes to showing employee appreciation. Prime Line (asi/79530) hosted two summer picnic gatherings at both its Connecticut and South Carolina facilities to celebrate its workers.

“These events are so important to me and the company to show our appreciation and to celebrate Prime’s incredible employees,” said Jeff Lederer, president of Prime Line, who attended both events. “It’s all part of creating a positive experience and workplace for everyone, and it was wonderful to see our employees at each location come together and enjoy (the) fun and sun.”

Top 40 supplier alphabroder (asi/34063) acquired long-time Top 40 supplier Prime Line in December 2017. Since then, the company’s sales have increased by over 20%, leading to more than $1 billion in revenue. The year prior, Prime Line acquired supplier firm Jetline (asi/63344), where the company picnics have been a tradition ever since.

“The Prime Line family company picnic has been a tradition for years on and off,” said Maria Koppy, vice president of organizational development. “We truly resurrected it three years ago in full force, hosting one picnic in Gaffney and another in Bridgeport. We mirror the events as much as we can to unify both facilities as one family.”

About 900 employees attended the events, which included a DJ, dancing, catered food, games and prize drawings. Both company parties were filled with entertaining games and activities such as water slides, a dunk tank, cornhole, a volleyball tournament and musical chairs. Staff members also competed for cash and other prizes.

Employees donned tie-dye T-shirts made by alphabroder and decorated by Prime Line, which featured both the companies’ logos. The tie-dye T-shirt was the ticket to enter the party.

“We are thrilled and delighted that the alphabroder family also engages in picnics and events throughout their distribution centers and offices as well,” Koppy said. “Just a little thing like this proves that we found the right fit in our partnership with.”

Employees are the drive of any successful company. It is important for companies to host social events to let loose, connect with others and show diligent employees appreciation.

“The picnic is part of our culture and morale, and it’s really important to us,” said Koppy. “I love it, because it gives employees the opportunity to interact, be together and connect on a personal level outside of our workplace.”