Survey: Global Entrepreneurs Upbeat

Entrepreneurs throughout the world are keen to hire and they’re optimistic about the potential for revenue gains. That’s according to the 2015 Global Entrepreneur Indicator, which surveyed leading business leaders in 46 countries.

Recently released, the survey revealed that 56% of worldwide business owners increased full-time staffing levels in the last six months, while 66% expect to hire more full-timers over the next half year. The U.S. was ahead of the global pack. In the states, 58% of owners added full-timers in the last six months, and 72% anticipate more full-time hiring over the ensuing six.

Entrepreneurs also sounded upbeat notes about revenue. Globally, 67% reported that revenue increased in the last six months. In the U.S., 70% reported a revenue rise during the same span. Encouragingly, 82% of global entrepreneurs predict revenue gains over the next half-year. Meanwhile, 86% of U.S. owners anticipate gains during that period.

When gauging economic outlook, 83% of entrepreneurs globally expect their country's current economic environment to improve or stay the same. Regionally, South Asia (99%), U.S. (93%) and Europe/Middle East (78%) lead all regions followed by Asia Pacific (73%), Latin America/Caribbean (69%) and Canada (60%).

The Global Entrepreneur Indicator is a biannual survey conducted by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a peer-to-peer network with 144 chapters globally. The Indicator’s results were based on responses from 5,868 business owners from around the world.