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First Impressions Matter – Even for Your Website

Unlike in-person first impressions, website first impressions happen in a matter of seconds – eight seconds, to be exact. That’s a pretty slim timeframe to capture the attention of your visitors and to also encourage a purchase. Here are some tips to make an immediate impact on your prospects.

  1. Run a test. Have an unbiased user take a look at your website on a computer or laptop. Only allow them to view your site for five seconds from a distance, and see if they’re able to tell you the name of your company and what services or products you offer. With such a short time to make a first impression, it’s important that these things are made instantly clear to a brand-new site visitor.
  2. Consider the visitor’s journey. Creating a pleasant experience for your website users is crucial to turning a prospect into a purchaser. Focus on how the design elements are working together. Colors, typography and images should all flow together to create brand consistency and to direct prospects along a buying path.
  3. Include compelling content. Unlike print marketing pieces, websites should be made for the scanner, not the reader. Most users will only spend a few seconds scanning your content, so make sure it’s easy to digest and not full of complicated language. Don’t forget to include interesting copy that’s relevant to your industry.
  4. Make your call-to-action clear. Chances are, a website visitor isn’t going to want to spend time figuring out how to make a purchase or contact you. Make sure your contact information is displayed clearly on your page, and your online purchasing process is simple and smooth.

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