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Why You Should Join the Blogosphere

You may wonder if the benefits of including a blog on your company website outweigh the time and effort it takes to maintain. Are blogs really that effective?  The answer is yes, especially if you are a small business looking to expand your online reach. Here are the top five benefits of building a company blog:

  1.     Share the wealth. Posting content on an online blog provides opportunities for website visitors to share your post on other platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Known as “viral marketing,” the more your content is shared, the more brand exposure you receive. Pro tip: Provide interesting, thoughtful, fun or informative content on your blog to increase your shareability.
  1.     Get personal. Maintaining a conversational tone in your blog posts allows your website visitors to see a more human side of your business, as well as build trust with your current clients and prospects.
  1.     Build a reputation. By creating and posting informative industry articles or tips for success on your blog, your business can become the “go-to” for valuable insider information. It’s a great way to gain credibility and stay ahead of your competitors.
  1.     Be a conversation-starter. Discussing interesting topics on your blog can become the fuel that ignites online conversations and interactivity. If you allow comments on your content pieces and respond to readers’ feedback, you’ll have a perfect opportunity to connect with your prospects.
  1.     Feed the search engines. When search engines like Google crawl the Internet to satisfy their search queries, they are looking for content that is fresh and updated frequently. Consistently posting to a blog that exists within your company’s website will boost your SEO and drive traffic to your site.

Publishing a website blog is a quick, cheap and simple way to build your online presence. If you’re a small business or startup, sharing your voice and personality via a blog emphasizes your corporate brand and connects with prospects on a personal and professional level.


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