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Tell Your Story with Video

ESP Websites™ allow you to add ASI’s client-safe video clips or your own custom video content onto your home page. Interactive features such as these can really boost your website traffic. Here’s why:

  • Visitors like visuals. When people are surfing the Web, they are often searching for whatever catches their eye. Blocks of text can be a turnoff to a website visitor, because they don’t want to take the time to read. Videos make a good visual alternative that may attract a larger number of prospects.
  • Videos have the power to keep the viewer engaged and interacting on your site. The goal of every website is to keep visitors there for as long as possible, which increases the possibility of a purchase.
  • Seeing a product in motion can trigger an emotional response. Video demonstrations of the product you’re selling can influence the buying decisions of the viewer.
  • Videos have shareability. Clients can access your videos at any time and share them with their colleagues. As the video creator, you can also share the video across a multitude of platforms, including social media channels that integrate with your website.

How do you add a video to your ESP Website? It’s simple! Just go to your ESP Websites admin page and select the News & Video option under the Pages & Menus drop-down menu. Select ASI’s automatically updated videos or feature your own video content by pasting your video’s URL into the provided field. Voila! The video will now appear on your ESP Website home page.

Please note that if the template you have selected does not have room for news or video content on your home page, you might need to select another template.