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Customize Your Pricing & Payment Processing

ESP Websites™ are able to accept customer payments securely and efficiently, so your website is also your online store. You can customize your pricing and payment process through the ESP Website admin tool.

To view your options, visit the E-Commerce link under the Website Settings drop-down menu. Here are some details on the options within each Website Settings field:

Adjust Product Pricing:

Use these fields to outline the exact pricing you’d like to be visible to your end-buyer clients. You can add or subtract percentages from the listed supplier catalog price, or set a desired profit margin and the prices will automatically adjust. Additionally, you can select the Quote Upon Request option if your pricing often varies. You can even elect not to show product pricing at all.

Pricing Options and Display:

This is the area where you can indicate any setup charges that apply to your products. Also, if you want to round your prices so that only two decimal places are shown, you can select Change max decimal places on pricing and indicate the number of decimal places (i.e. if you’d like your price to read $1.22 instead of $1.211). You can also opt to show price grid rows, pricing codes and more.

Payment Processing Options:

If you want to accept payments through your ESP Website, this is one of the most important sections of your admin page. The processing options you can select here include accepting credit card payments, electronic checks or PayPal. You also have the option to include shipping charges, require deposits and offer coupons/promotional offers.

With the potent combination of organized product collections and secure payment processing capability, ESP Websites help you sell merchandise and get paid in real time.