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Your Brand Matters!

Maintaining brand consistency is about delivering a clear, concise and consistent message to your prospects and customers. If done correctly, it should communicate who you are, what you do and what you bring to the marketplace as a whole. How much value is there in practicing brand consistency? To put it simply, it can have quite an impact on company recognition, customer relationships, and the effectiveness of your advertising. In an industry where the competition is fierce and the products can be relatively similar, strong branding can differentiate you from your competitors by educating customers that your company delivers a unique and memorable purchasing experience.

There are countless ways to improve your brand consistency. Start by building a message that outlines your company identity. From there, you can develop a style guide: a list of branding rules that must be consistent across all channels. Your style guide should include one logo to be used on all materials, a color palette to match the logo, typography (font, size, placement) guidelines and a tagline that supports your company statement. Make sure all employees understand and are exposed to the style guide and brand strategy – not just your marketing and design team. It’s important that the branding message is communicated by every person within your company – especially those that work directly with customers.

If you’re struggling to develop a brand strategy, think about the emotions you want your brand to evoke. Do you want your customers to feel comforted and at-ease when thinking about your services? Or perhaps you want your customers to feel empowered and inspired by your brand? Make sure that all of your marketing and even your product packaging reflects these feelings.

Your ESP Website™ is one of the most effective tools for implementing brand consistency. Our sites were designed so that every ESP Website can be customized to reflect the brand of every user. The ESP Website site editor is your central customization hub for altering your website colors, changing typography and uploading your company logo so that it stays consistent when navigating your web pages. You can also include your company’s mission statement or tagline in the Introduction Text, to communicate your unique brand identity to site visitors.

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