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5 Facets of Your Website Not to Neglect

It’s always a good practice to keep current with your ESP Website's content, design and user experience. We’ve put together 5 key areas of your site that shouldn’t be neglected. Check your website against our list to see how it stacks up. 

  1.     Call to Action – The first thing you should ask yourself is: “What action do I want my visitors to take?” Does your website ask them to search for products, contact you, or make a purchase? Whatever your call to action (CTA) is, be sure that it is clear, prominent and noticeable on your website’s homepage. The CTA should be apparent to a viewer within the first 5 seconds of visiting your page.
  2.     Brand Identification – A great way to ensure you’re maintaining brand consistency is to check that the same colors, fonts and language are used throughout all of the pages of your site. You can also include your company’s mission statement or tagline in the Introduction or About Us text, to communicate your unique brand identity to site visitors.
  3.     User Experience – Visitors and shoppers want three things when they view a website: clarity, simplicity and ease-of-use. Check that your website is as user-friendly as possible by making it clear to visitors know immediately who you are, what services you’re offering, and what you want them to do.  
  4.     Company Credibility – Does your website make the visitor feel secure, trusting and confident in your services? It should! Evoking these emotions from your visitors is a critical step towards landing more online sales. This is especially important if you’re accepting online payments and the visitor is being asked to key in sensitive credit card information. Make it clear that you are an established, professional business that makes customer service a priority.
  5.     Relevant Content – Keeping your website content fresh makes you appear more relevant in online searches. When search engines like Google© crawl the Internet, one factor that weighs into their ordering of search results is the frequency of which content is updated. The longer you go without adding new content, the more likely your business will appear further down the list of returned search results.

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