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Social Media Matters

Social media is one of the most effective ways to increase brand exposure and drive traffic to your ESP Website™. Here are some eye-opening stats that show the marketing reach of Facebook – the social media giant:

  • 92% of marketers have indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their business.
  • 94% of marketers are already using Facebook to grow their business.
  • 70% of Facebook advertisers had a 3X or greater return on ad spend.
  • 49% of Facebook advertisers had a 5X or greater return on ad spend.
  • 54% of marketers say Facebook is their most important marketing platform, above all others.
  • To date, the Facebook platform welcomes 1.07 billion mobile monthly active users.
  • 62% of social media users say they check Facebook more than any other social channel.

Are you taking full advantage of the brand-boosting opportunities available through social media? If not, a good place to start is by creating a Facebook company page. Once you have the page set up, make sure that it’s an accurate representation of your brand. Your profile picture, cover photo and company summary should make it clear what services and products you offer. When updating your page status, remember that each post should contain compelling, informative and industry-specific content to engage page visitors. The more interactions you get on your Facebook, the more likely visitors are to remember your brand.

ASI’s ESP Social™ can help you build a professional Facebook company page and provide you with compelling content to engage your visitors and prospects. We make it easy for you to reap the benefits of social media by creating and maintaining the page for you! Click here for more information on ESP Social.